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I struggled for so many years with my weight & tried so many fad diets. My weight has been up and down like a roller coaster & I would always quit before I reached my goal. I did lose weight but as soon as I stopped the diet I would gain all the weight back plus more.  I got to a point where I was ready to just give up. I didn’t like myself & I didn’t want to go out in public because I was uncomfortable & embarrassed. I could hardly get out of bed, my body hurt, & it hurt to move.  I was actually considering a weight loss surgery because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I met Michelle Kozera at Body Transformations & my life changed. After meeting with her & hearing her testimony, seeing her pictures, & going over her weight loss program I said this is it, this is the last thing I’m trying as I tipped the scale at 280 pounds. The first month I was in tears as I lost almost 30 lbs & continued to lose each day I woke up. What I am doing is a lifestyle change. It’s not a “diet”, Michelle actually teaches you how to eat & what food combinations to eat so you can lose the weight & keep it off. Its real food & portion control.  The program is all natural & you will not be hungry & will not have cravings. I struggled with being able to exercise because I was overweight & it hurt to do certain exercises & that is the other great thing about this is that people who have pains & cannot physically exercise can actually do this program. People with back, neck, shoulder, etc. injuries can do this & it works.  I also have hypothyroidism & insulin resistant & that has not stopped the weight from melting off. People with medical conditions can so this too. I am 15 lbs. away from meeting my goal.  I started my journey 07-18-16 & I have lost 115 lbs.  I thank God every day that I met Michelle & that I found a solution for a permanent healthier me!  I am extremely grateful for my husband Jeff Berg , my son Dawson Retter , & all my family & friends who have encouraged me to do this for me.  Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to be healthy! You are a true inspiration!!!!

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